RE: glib installation problem

This error came up in the list a few weeks ago.  See the thread "(*sigh) new
gnome-libs problems" for more information.  I am pasting Miguel's response:

> I've been having this problem for the last month or so.
> The problem here is the line around line 297 in
> gnome-libs/libgnome/gnome-magic.c that says:
>   g_snprintf(newent.mimetype, sizeof(newent.mimetype), "%s", curpos);

Hello guys,

   Yosh has pointed out why this is not working as intended. 

   the gnome-libs link against the -ldb library.  This library on some
systems provides a wrapper for snprintf using sprintf (if snprintf
does not exist, it does this).

   glib implements g_snprintf in terms of snprintf if the system has
one, or uses an internal implementation if this is not available.

   So, what happens is that db is not correctly compiled in your
system.  I suggest people reinstall or update their db package.


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> Subject: glib installation problem
> I have been looking a gnome for sometime now, and have 
> decided to install
> it.  After compiling gnome-libs-0.99.3 successfully, i go to 
> install all of
> the wonderful files.  The only problem is that when it wants 
> to create the
> mime database out of the mime-magic file, it get a 
> segmentation fault.  I
> have narrowed it down to the returning value (array) of 
> elements read in by
> gnome-magic.c  Has anyone else gotten this kind of error before?
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