Re: Compiling GTK+

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> Thanks for replying so quickly, and sorry that it so long to write back.
> I became a father in the meantime and it took a bit longer than I had
> expected :)


Sorry it took me a bit to reply, needed to hunt down a mirror of to check the source tarball of gettext-0.10.35.

> Anyway: I found my aclocal file and it doesn't contain the gettext.m4
> that gtk+/ wants. I have version automake 1.3b. Is this
> already outdated? I looked in the source directory (and of course in the
> m4 subdirectory of the source directory and there was no gettext.m4.
> Actually, I searched the whole hard drive after installing automake. No
> gettext.m4 anywhere.

OK, gettext.m4, while it should be located in /usr/share/aclocal (or
wherever your main aclocal directory is), comes with the gettext package,
rather than the automake package.  Specifically, you want the three m4
files from the gettext-0.10.35/m4 directory in the proper
<whatever>/share/aclocal directory.

> And as to gettext itself: I downloaded version 0.10.35, but I still
> can't install it. I run ./configure in the source directory, then 'make'
> - and here, I get several errors. I attached the output of 'make 2>
> err.txt' in a separate file. Do you have any idea what I could have done
> wrong?

Hmmm.  It is balking on gettextp.o, but I can't tell from your output if
it is having trouble compiling it or libtooling it.  What version of
libtool are you running?

All of these references should have been made in the intl directory prior
to getting to the src directory where it is failing.  Do you get any
errors or warnings there?

> I'm running Slackware with kernel version 2.0.35 - and I certainly
> don't feel like going back to RedHat just to be able to run Gnome
> applications.

Of course not.  GNOME should work fine whatever the distribution or
platform.  At least, that's the goal.

Best of Luck,

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