Re: Unidentified subject!

* On Tue, Jan 19, 1999 at 08:26:52AM -0500,
*		William F. Maton wrote:

-> > We (as in "the people who maintain the anoncvs mirrors") are having big
-> > problems with the anoncvs mirrors. The load average on Phil's server is at
-> I think the proper solution is to not run anoncvs for people who just want
-> to bleed and have fun doing it. 

Agreed - I think it would be better when CVS is only open for developers.

-> an alternative,'s nightly snapshots.  

Agreed (again) - Why don't we put whole directories (?) on servers,
instead of lots of anoncvs-mirrors ? This is more hardware-friendly,
I think. 


Dominik Rothert			

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