rpm install of 0.99.2

I was following the rpm installation 'suggestions' in the
gnome-users-guide-0.99.1 for 0.99.2, assuming there is no
gnome-users-guide-0.99.2.  Anyway, when trying to install
gnome-libs-0.99.2-1.i386.rpm, I received the following:
	libaudiofile.so.0 is needed by gnome-libs-0.99.2-1
        libesd.so.0 is needed by gnome-libs-0.99.2-1

I've done a search for libaudiofile and found very little, and nothing
to indicate where I might find this in rpm format.  Is this caused by
the fact that I'm attempting to install from the 0.99.1 user guide? 
Where can I get these puppies?

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric@denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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