GTK+ Problems

Okay, a few simple questions here:

1. Isn't the GTK+ on CVS version 1.1.12?
2. If so, then why when you compile, make, and make compile
it does it install the 1.1.12 headers but only installs 1.1.11
libraries? (it says when you run the make install)

Whenever I try running the for gnome-libs it dies saying that
the headers (1.1.12) fo not match the libraries (1.1.11) and therefore
GTK+ is not installed (properly I guess). Anybody have any idea how to
get around this? I've run ldconfig and updatedb on a regular basis so I
know that's not the problem but there error in preventing me from
installing Gnome and really beginning to get on my nerves. Oh, just
general information, Gnome is 0.99.3, GTK+ is from CVS the same day I
got Gnome and I'm running Red Hat Linux 5.2.

Thank you,
Joseph Beharriell

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