Re: GTK+ Problems

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Joseph Beharriell wrote:
> 1. Isn't the GTK+ on CVS version 1.1.12?
> 2. If so, then why when you compile, make, and make compile
> it does it install the 1.1.12 headers but only installs 1.1.11
> libraries? (it says when you run the make install)
> Whenever I try running the for gnome-libs it dies saying that
> the headers (1.1.12) fo not match the libraries (1.1.11) and therefore
> GTK+ is not installed (properly I guess). Anybody have any idea how to
> get around this?

I bet 'touch gtkmain.c' or 'make clean' will solve it. When this happens
to me it usually means gtkmain.c didn't get rebuilt, that's where the
gnome-libs gets the "real" library version.


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