First off thanks to whoever decided to start posting diffs, should save
a lot of bandwidth in the future.
  Unfortunately the diff for control-center had a problem with the stock
control-center-0.99 tarball, it stumbled on 'control-center-stubs,c',
with a 'previously applied patch, assume -R.....'
  Instead of messing with it I just grabbed the 0.99.1 tarball since I've
been having problems with control-center anyway. The new tarball still has
problems with 'undefined <some graphics routine>' all over the place.
Using the new instructions and adding '-limlib-tiff -limlib-gif -limlib-png
-limlib-jpeg' to the Makefiles in the capplets directorys for screensaver-
properties, theme-switcher and background-properties fixed it up so it
would build.
  Other than that things built/installed alright. Now that I can finally
run it again I noticed problems still with the clock/mailcheck applets.
I believe its the clock causing the problems, running mailcheck by itself
is fine but as soon as I add the clock back in they just both disappear
from the panel, even just running the clock by itself, it'll disappear
sometimes or won't even appear upon session startup.

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