Re: Problems+Patch for GtkICQ

Cool, well its still the Java version.  I didn't notice it being a resource
hug but I was not paying attention as well. 
I was just curious as to the motivation.  I'll give it a whirl once I'm up
and running.

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On 1/14/99, at 2:58 PM, Jeremy Wise wrote: 

>GtkICQ began back in June of 1998, when the only version for Linux was the
>Java version.  I found that that version was dog-slow, took up 30-40MB of
>my RAM, and lacked many of the features I wanted.  So I wrote GtkICQ...
>I haven't been tracking Mirabilis enough to know if they've released their
>X version, but it'd probably be a static-linked Motif binary that abuses
>my system like their Java version did.
>Hope that clears up some confusion.
>Jeremy Wise
>P.S.  I also did it to learn network programming, Gtk+ and Gnome
>programming.  It's successful there if for nothing else :-)
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>On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Scott Tyson wrote:
>> Any reason why all these ICQ clones are popping up when ICQ has an
>> version for Linux?   I run it fine but I do have to su root to start it
>> to path problem that I have been lazy about fixing.  I'm just curious.

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