[FIX] Image problems in GNOME/Imlib 1.9 combo

Hello guys, 

  The reason why you are noticing any of these problems if you are
using Imlib 1.9:

      1. Black spots on images where they should be transparent.

      2. Gtk-Warning messages about image problems.

      3. PNG files not being loaded

   Is that the Imlib 1.9 distribution was not distributed with the
libtool 1.2d setup, but rather with the libtool 1.2 setup.  This means
that all of the dynamic modules for loading images are basically
useless, they fail to load at runtime.

   There are two possible fixes: wait for us to release Imlib 1.9.1 (I
say wait because the GNOME CVS server is being fixed now, due to a
disk problem, so we can not do nothing until this is done) or you can
follow the following procedure:

	1. Download libtool 1.2d from:


	2. Install libtool.

	3. Recompile imlib, like this:

	   cd imlib-1.9
	   libtoolize --force
	   make clean
	   make install

	4. Run /sbin/ldconfig

   No other GNOME component requires changes after this.


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