Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

>From: Andrew Smith <>

>Probably better would be to change your scripts to use esdplay, or
>symlink whatever command they use to play sounds to point to esdplay.
>Then the sample will play on time, and if another (esd-using) program
>wants to play a sound before the other one finishes it'll be able to.

When it involves scripts, that's what I'm doing.  Same goes for the command to 
run for beep in tcsh.  But my mail tool (which I can't switch away from, as (a) 
I have so much configuration time in it already to do my job and (b) part of my 
job is finding and logging bugs in it) has an Options setting of "which sound 
file to play when new email arrives".  Other apps do similar things.  So I don't 
always have the choise.



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