Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

> >From: Andrew Smith <>
> >Probably better would be to change your scripts to use esdplay, or
> >symlink whatever command they use to play sounds to point to esdplay.
> >Then the sample will play on time, and if another (esd-using) program
> >wants to play a sound before the other one finishes it'll be able to.
> When it involves scripts, that's what I'm doing.  Same goes for the command to 
> run for beep in tcsh.  But my mail tool (which I can't switch away from, as (a) 
> I have so much configuration time in it already to do my job and (b) part of my 
> job is finding and logging bugs in it) has an Options setting of "which sound 
> file to play when new email arrives".  Other apps do similar things.  So I don't 
> always have the choise.

Tried starting your mailtool with "esddsp mailtool"?
If the mailtool itself plays the file maybe that works.


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