Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

The Debian menu system allows the user to place "empty" menu files
which can nullify the system entries, thus removing them from the menu
that's built for her.

In the Windows95/Netware environment I manage, we only give filescan
and read permission to the .lnk (menu shortcuts) files to groups of
individuals.  That way they don't get entries in their Start Menu we
don't want them to.  Very handy.  I wonder if the panel ignores menu
entries it can see, but not read?


ADML Support, EUCS, The University of Edinburgh.

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Burrows <> writes:

    Daniel>   Is there any reason to have 2 menus?  I haven't delved
    Daniel> into the menu system but I think the best way to handle
    Daniel> this would be for Gnome to read menu entries from both the
    Daniel> global directory (<prefix>/share/apps I think) and the
    Daniel> user directory (~/.gnome/apps), then merge the two, so
    Daniel> that you end up with one menu hierarchy containing both
    Daniel> sets of menus.  Like in Debian I have most of the
    Daniel> menufiles in /usr/lib/menu, but I can drop extra files
    Daniel> into /etc/menu (and I believe ~/.menu but I haven't
    Daniel> bothered with that) and they get merged into the menu
    Daniel> system.

    Daniel>   Probably conflicts should be resolved by the user's
    Daniel> setting overriding the system settings (I might want my
    Daniel> Eterms running with --trans --shade even if the system
    Daniel> menu runs them opaquely.)

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