Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

[nb, the user menu is ~/.gnome/apps not ~/.gnome/share/apps ]

Hello all

I've been thinking about this for a while. The idea of having separate
system and user menus doesn't seem very usefull, since the user has no
control over the contents of the system menu, and so any thing they add
will be separate to the rest of the tree (ie 2 utilities menus, 2 media
menus etc), as well as having a system menu full of apps that they might
not want there.

I think a better way to allow the user's control over their menu is to
have the system menu as a sub-menu (similar to the way the redhat menu is
now) and the user menu as the main menu (I know this used to be
configurable, but I can't find the option anymore). Items on the system
menu would then have a right-click option 'add me to the main (user) 
menu'), and gmenu could allow something similar.  In this way the system
menu would remain as a list of available applications, and the user can
choose what he wants on his menu, add his own apps, and structure it how
he wants. Obviously a default user menu would be setup on the first time
gnome was started.

This is just an idea I wanted to put forward for comments, I don't think
it would be too hard to implement though.

So what does everyone think?


 On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > 	  8) question maybe: Can individual users setup their own
> > ~/share/apps/, so when Gmenu is run normal users can change the way
> > the menu is setup. As it right now, only root has privelages to write
> > to that directory (and all the desktop files/.order/etc), and
> > supposing everybody else could write to /usr/local/share/apps/, they
> > would change the look of everybody else's panel menu,, maybe I'm
> > missing something here , but each user should be able to customize the
> > look of their desktop ?
> TYes, this is possible.   I do believe the menu is pulled from
> ~/.gnome/share/apps
> Miguel.
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