Re: libaudiofile and mpeg audio wrote:

> ->  To the best of my knowledge, Fraun-whassit are attempting to
enforce their
> ->  patents on the whole MP3 concept, and until that gets resolved, a
> ->  'free' MP3 system is not possible.  (Of course, it may not be
possible even
> ->  AFTER it's resolved, sigh....)
> whihs is why i'd liek to have an MP1 or maybe MP2 (if patent issues
> not a matter) system but no MP# for now - that would be great anyway.

Isn't there a better solution. Most people want layer3 support, not
layer 1 or 2.
What is about the previously suggested dlopen approach (libaudiofile
Then we can release libaudiofile with LGPL, and plugins with other
licenses, and
patent issues apply only to the plugins?

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