Re: some comments on gmc

> I can't agree with this more, the desktop and gmc should be split up, one
> of the biggest turn-offs of KDE to me was the fact that they did the
> window style "the file browser is the UI"  now I know that they are fairly
> seperate in Gnome, but I think it should be complete, gmc should just be
> another app, and not have control of other aspects of the environment
> (such as the desktop)

This will happen on the next release.  Right now I do not have the
time to split the file manager from the desktop handling (and without
corba it makes sense for a number of reasons).

Now that the file manager has corba support, the split can be done,
but I lack the time to do this on time for gnome 1.0, so it will not
be done by then.


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