Re: libaudiofile and mpeg audio wrote:
> On 12 Jan, Dietmar Maurer scribbled:
> ->  Hello,
> ->
> ->  I've just written some code to include MPEG-audio support into
> ->  libaudiofile.
> ->  It uses the MPEG-audio decoder from XingTech, which is under the GPL and
> GPL or LGPL?

The Xing decoder is GPLed!

> this IS important
> audiofile is currently GPL - needs to change to LGPL (i just noticed).

Why? Please give me a hint.

> NB - do you have encoder source too? THAT woudl be VERY useful then
> since audiofile can the be used to generate and decode the mpeg audio -
> I for one will in a heartbeat covert all audio to MPEG - it' sbetter
> than 11Khz 8bit mono... :)

As far as I know there are two free Encoders available - bladeenc and
8Hz, but I'm not sure - must take a closer look on them first.

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