Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

Rebecca Ore wrote:

> I did just compile Gnumeric and since it doesn't have print functions,
> it's pretty indicative that the plan is to have a separate Gnome-Print.
> This really really does need to be released with Gnumeric and with gwp.
> If not, Gnome isn't a real enterprise desktop.  If so, then someone at
> RedHat needs to figure out how to motivate some programmers to get this
> done.

Agreed.  It's kind of silly to make a gwp "release" tarball that depends on
gnome-print, without a gnome-print tarball.  (gwp make breaks while compiling
plugins/io/asciiIO.C because wp_cont_slab.h tries to include
<libgnomeprint/gnome-print.h>; configure doesn't determine whether gnome-print is

Just my .02,

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