Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, sungod wrote:

> R Pickett wrote:
> > Let me get this straight.
> > 
> > Reducing your statement to its logical conclusion, we get "don't comment on a
> > product to the developers until they announce it is finished," since anything
> > but 'grate softwarez d00d' could be construed as 'judgment.'
> > 
> > As far as I know, no Open Source product is ever finished unless it is
> > abandoned, so, to reduce further, what you're saying is "don't give feedback
> > to the developers, they know what they're doing."
> i don't think anybody's implying that, and i'm sure you know it. what i
> (like the others who have responded negatively to your posts before me)
> would like to see, on the other hand, is for your criticisms and
> implementation ideas to be expressed with a little more tact and with a
> little less negativity. your initial approach was nothing short of
> confrontive, and that sort of attitude is not called for in an
> environment where each coder is giving his code away for free in his
> spare time. please try to keep that in mind as you read the responses to
> your posts, and craft your suggestions accordingly.

As a somewhat impartial observer to this discussion, I feel the opposite,
I thought that the original post was very fair critizism, and that the
responces have been overly rude.  That said, I agree with rasterman's idea
of esd, I see nothing wrong with everyone having to talk to it, and leting
it talk to the /dev/dsp.   If esd becomes popular eventually people will
write to it.  The fact that unknown apps break however is a legit problem.
If there is no way for esd to detect their attempts to access /dev/dsp,
perhaps it could be stated more clearly that if apps break they need to be
run with the wrapper, perhaps authors that choose not to directly support
esd could be convinced to check for esd and if detected include the
wrapper (though obviously this would need to be made as easy as possible
for them)

> > Jeez, folks, is it really that for this project, you can only make critical
> > comment if you can offer a patch to fix it?  I was hoping to help out in what
> > ways I could, but it's starting to look like my type of help ain't welcome
> > here....
> if you can't offer patches, your critical comments better be phrased a
> lot more politely than this, and without the giant chip on the shoulder.

again, I did not sense the "chip on the shoulder", his response seemed
very apropriate after some of the comments he recieved.  but perhaps it is
just me.


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