Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999 wrote:
> On  9 Jan, R Pickett scribbled:
> ->  On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Michael Johnson wrote:
> ->  > It's really sad to have to kill esd to play an mp3 and then restart
> ->  > it when you're finished as I think the whole point of having a sound
> ->  > daemon was to not have to do this. 
> ->  Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart.
> ->  I don't run esd, simple because I mostly run 'un-enlightened' sound-producing
> ->  programs.  The entire concept that a single daemon is going to grab my sound
> ->  hardware and only allow access to esd-compliant programs seems very contrary
> ->  to the goals of OpenSource;  it's a very "my way or the highway" attitude for
> incorrect. RTFM pay attention.
> esddsp app_name
> donest work with everything but works with quiet a few standard audio
> apps.
> esdctl off
> esdctl on

> well if apps were written well and latency was an issue they coudl
> happily upload samples to esd then tell esd to play then as needed.
> esd is not finished - give it a break boy! do you think they developed
> X11 in a year? esd is the correct principle - it is the sampel
> rpinciple by whihc X works - you dont seem to complain about this. If
> you have issues then HELP wiht development. Dont' just sit and complain.

I don't like being quoted out of context. I realize esddsp works ---the
original poster asked about mp3s and since I use mpg123 some of the time
my first thought was to 'mpg123 -s file | esdcat' becuase esddsp doesn't
work with mpg123. Comments re esdctl were dead on. It was not my
intention to get anyone bunged up here, but please redirect flames to the
appropriate source in the future. I really don't get what the hell this
acidic response is about. Maybe you guys should
put on gloves and go into the ring.... 

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