Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

On  9 Jan, Michael Johnson scribbled:
->  > well if apps were written well and latency was an issue they coudl
->  > happily upload samples to esd then tell esd to play then as needed.
->  > esd is not finished - give it a break boy! do you think they developed
->  > X11 in a year? esd is the correct principle - it is the sampel
->  > rpinciple by whihc X works - you dont seem to complain about this. If
->  > you have issues then HELP wiht development. Dont' just sit and complain.
->  I don't like being quoted out of context. I realize esddsp works ---the
->  original poster asked about mp3s and since I use mpg123 some of the time
->  my first thought was to 'mpg123 -s file | esdcat' becuase esddsp doesn't
->  work with mpg123. Comments re esdctl were dead on. It was not my
->  intention to get anyone bunged up here, but please redirect flames to the
->  appropriate source in the future. I really don't get what the hell this
->  acidic response is about. Maybe you guys should
->  put on gloves and go into the ring.... 

sorry it wasnt intended to be at you - it was intended for those
thinkign esd hogs the device and you have to completely disable esd and
give up and use the audio device directly.

i'm just too used to the "my audio app doesnt work" comment/post/mail
where the person didn't even try out the facilities provided. Esd's
principles and design are correct. the implimentation still needs work.

fwiw I run "esddsp x11amp" and it works quite well no crackles not
problems. E's sampoles if i ever turn audio on work fine as long as esd
is playing a steram of audio already - if by themselves esd is having a
problem currently mixing them in well. It's an issue that needs to be

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