Re: some comments on gmc

    >> > ** There is no way to completely quit gmc without an "skill
    >> >    gmc".
    >> Should we add one?  thing is: the file manager also controls
    >> the desktop.

    James> As far as the user is concerned, there are his desktop
    James> icons, and his file manager -- they are separate, even if
    James> they really aren't -- which is why IMHO, it should be Exit,
    James> not Close. To accomodate both users, Gmc should have a
    James> preference "Use desktop icons", and if that preference
    James> isn't selected, then Exit should actually exit the app
    James> (i.e. end the process), and if it is, then it just closes
    James> the window. Of course, you would need a close as well, if
    James> more than one window is displayed -- and it would also have
    James> to make sure that if there is only one normal window, and
    James> the above preference is disabled, then it exits the app as
    James> well.

I like that idea.

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