Re: some comments on gmc

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > ** There is no way to completely quit gmc without an "skill gmc".
> Should we add one?  thing is: the file manager also controls the
> desktop.

As far as the user is concerned, there are his desktop icons, and his
file manager -- they are separate, even if they really aren't -- which
is why IMHO, it should be Exit, not Close. To accomodate both users, Gmc
should have a preference "Use desktop icons", and if that preference
isn't selected, then Exit should actually exit the app (i.e. end the
process), and if it is, then it just closes the window. Of course, you
would need a close as well, if more than one window is displayed -- and
it would also have to make sure that if there is only one normal window,
and the above preference is disabled, then it exits the app as well.


> Miguel.

    Jim Cape

    "All animals are equal, some animals
     are more equal than others."
         -- George Orwell, Animal Farm

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