Re: some comments on gmc

Oh bother: I knew I'd forgotten a couple of comments.  I'll keep this
window open a bit more before I send the not off, in case I remember
other things.

** I forgot to mention, I'm on a Red Hat 5.1 box.  All packages (from
   glib up) are built from CVS.

** There is no way to completely quit gmc without an "skill gmc".

** Do you need a special window manager to drag to the trashcan?  I'm
   using an older non-gnome-aware WindowMaker at home, and that drag
   does not work.

** Those continues messages I mentioned I get when recursively
   deleting a directory look like:

> ** WARNING **: memo: file_progress_show_deleting!
> path    /home/rosalia/desktop/Home directory/.gimp/gimprc.old
> Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `GtkLabel'
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtklabel.c: line 250 (gtk_label_set_text): assertion `label != NULL' failed.
> Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `GtkProgressBar'
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkprogressbar.c: line 755 (gtk_progress_bar_update): assertion `pbar != NULL' failed.
> ** WARNING **: memo: file_progress_show_deleting!
> path    /home/rosalia/desktop/Home directory/.gimp

** I see no "mkdir" type of thing to create a new folder.

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