Re: gmc dndrop ??

>>>>> "M" == Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

M> It is performing the DnD "copy" operation (the default), if you
M> want just to "link", you want to use control-shift-drag.

I think the confusion is that people expect it to follow the microsoft
rules, which are actually quite complex iirc... depending on things
like the drives it's being dragged to from, etc.

I personally think that the current GMC way is a much simpler and
better way of doing it, although perhaps it could use some more visual
cues to inform people when it's copying and when it's linking, in case
they do expect it to follow the MS scheme?

Alan Shutko <> - By consent of the corrupted
Everyone is a genius.  It's just that some people are too stupid to realize it.

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