Re: gmc dndrop ??

Alan Shutko <> writes:

> >>>>> "M" == Miguel de Icaza <> writes:
> M> It is performing the DnD "copy" operation (the default), if you
> M> want just to "link", you want to use control-shift-drag.
> I think the confusion is that people expect it to follow the microsoft
> rules, which are actually quite complex iirc... depending on things
> like the drives it's being dragged to from, etc.
> I personally think that the current GMC way is a much simpler and
> better way of doing it, although perhaps it could use some more visual
> cues to inform people when it's copying and when it's linking, in case
> they do expect it to follow the MS scheme?

NeXT changes a little icon in the bottom right corner of the dragged
icon to represent copy/link/move.  This icon changes when you drag the 
item over the target.  I think this works quite nicely.


Steve Farrell

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