Re: gmc dndrop ??

At 01:19 PM 1/7/99 -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> Still, I can run it (almost) OK but if when I do a drag and drop of
>> a directory on my desktop, it actually COPIES recusively the whole
>> under ~/desktop !! Is that a bug ... or a feature ???
>It is performing the DnD "copy" operation (the default), if you want
>just to "link", you want to use control-shift-drag.
>Do you think this scheme is broken?  Do you think a different set of
>keybindings should be used?

If I might weigh in with an opinion--

I think the result of a DnD to the desktop should be a configurable option,
defaulting to creating a link for directories & executables, copying for
anything else. And the mouse pointer should change (a la Win9x and Mac) to
reflect what's going to happen, eg, if symlink icons have little arrows in
them, show a similar little arrow in the pointer.

my .02,


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