Re: Panel and VNC Not Good

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> I just tried running a gnome session on a VNC server and it did not doo
> very well.
> For some reason the panels get rearranged or even duplicated.

Are you sure the panels aren't messed up when run locally?  As far as
panel is concerned, vncserver should be just another X server.  The
arrangement of the applets on the panel is based, as far as I know, on the
panel's config file and ORBit, not any X services.

> My panel should be
> Gnome Menu|Netscape|Gnome Terminal|Gnome Pager|Clock
> However it now is
> Gnome Menu|Gnome Pager|Gnome Terminal|Netscape|Gnome Pager <off screen>
> I also have a panel open on my normal X desktop which could also be
> causing the panel problems.

Depends on which machine you mean for your "normal X desktop".  If you
mean there are two panels running on the vncserver machine (one on the
console screen and one in vnc), than the two panels may be having some
conflict.  Try running them under different accounts to see if that fixes
it.  If it does, talk to the ORBit people about your problem, I'm sure
they will want more info.

If you mean you are looking at two panels (one running on your local
machine, and one through vncviewer), that should make no difference to
panel's operation.  The panel inside vncviewer should be completely
isolated from any panel running on your local machine.  In this
case, chances are your panel is messed up regardless of any interference
from vnc :-).

Best of Luck,

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