Re: Panel and VNC Not Good

Kevin Atkinson wrote:
> I just tried running a gnome session on a VNC server and it did not doo
> very well.
> For some reason the panels get rearranged or even duplicated.
> My panel should be
> Gnome Menu|Netscape|Gnome Terminal|Gnome Pager|Clock
> However it now is
> Gnome Menu|Gnome Pager|Gnome Terminal|Netscape|Gnome Pager <off screen>
> I also have a panel open on my normal X desktop which could also be
> causing the panel problems.
> The vncserver/vncviewer connection is across the internet and the
> vncviewer is running on A Sun Ultra 5 workstation.
> I don't care that much but I though I would let you know.
Some corrections and clarifications.

I also had a CPU monitor applet right before the clock which could be
causing the problems.

The normal X desktop was on my X console on at home on a RedHat 5.2
system.  And yes the two panels where running under the same user name.

I was also having a sever color problem, as in the panel and Netscape
where almost gray scale but not quite, with the vncviewer which could
also be leading to the problems.  The vncserver was run with the -cc 3
option.  The sun workstation was only 256 colors which could be the
cause of the color problems.

The window manager used was icewm .9.22 and was using the Wigren. theme

Everything seams to be fine when I start a new vncserver and use the
vncviewer from the localhost.

I will play with it some more once I get back on the Sun Workstation and
let you know what's going on.

Kevin Atkinson

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