Re: Help with RH5.2 GNOME Installation

Alan Shutko wrote:

> >>>>> "D" == Darrell Earnshaw <> writes:
> D> running GNOME. However, it appears that the installation script
> D> (install-gnome) doesn't seem to run "out of the box".
> I believe that your problem is that there are two versions of GNOME on
> the CD... both of them out of date.
> I'd say, either remove all the old gnome related packages (imlib,
> imlib-cfgeditor, gnome*, etc) and try the install-gnome script, or
> forget about the versions on the CD and download much more recent
> versions.

Well i have been through this setup on my girlfriend's box while it was
after RH5.2 install do a :
rpm -e --nodeps imlib
then the :
from the cd.. worked for me :) ..... PhroG

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