Help with RH5.2 GNOME Installation


This is my first message to the GNOME list, so if my question has
already been addressed - my apologies, and please direct me to the
appropriate source.

I have just purchased RedHat 5.2 with the express purpose of running
GNOME. However, it appears that the installation script (install-gnome)
doesn't seem to run "out of the box". The first problem I hit is an
error message to the effect: "imlib = 1.8 is needed by
imlib-cfgeditor-1.8-5". Attempts to update imlib-cfgeditor yield yet
more depedency errors, and so on. I guess the initial question is: Has
anyone successfully managed to execute the RedHat GNOME installation
script without hours of depedency-chasing? If so, I'd really appreciate
some guidance on where I may be going wrong. (Interestingly, the 5.1
installation script wouldn't even run, hence the move to 5.2. Maybe
there's a trend here.)

Thanks in advance,

Darrell Earnshaw
SAP Labs, Palo Alto.

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