Re: Compile problems libgtop

On Tue, Jan 05, 1999 at 11:36:12AM +0100, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Rebecca Ore <> writes:
> > checking for linux/version.h... no
> > ./configure: dc: command not found
> Ah, `dc' was not found and so it fails to set GLIBTOP_LINUX_VERSION_CODE
> from the running system.

Smells like upgrade time to me as I'm sure I have the header package for
.35 kernel (or nothing would be compiling).  Oh, well, I should be home
in a couple hours).  We can see how it goes from there.

I still say "death in config is a developer's friend."

> No. Just tested this with RedHat 5.2 - it does not need a built kernel,
> it only requires
> 	kernel-2.0.36-0.7
> 	kernel-headers-2.0.36-0.7
> Normally <linux/version.h> is created during kernel configuration, but it
> is included in the `kernel-headers-2.0.36-0.7' RPM from RedHat 5.2 - I don't
> know it this is also the case for kernel 2.0.35.
> However, this should work for 2.0.35:
> #define UTS_RELEASE "2.0.35"
> #define LINUX_VERSION_CODE 131107
If I try that and it doesn't work, I'll still have to download the new
kernel packages.  Where would I put those lines?  I'm betting it bombs
anyway.  What's the difference in code between this and .30?  0.30
worked with this kernel as is.  I'll run a verification on my
kernel-headers package.  If nothing is missing, then tell me where to
put those lines and I'll run another attempt before upgrading the kernel
after it bombs.

Rebecca Ore
Creativity is playing with the rule sets

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