Re: Newbie nonsense

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Leonard Gray wrote:
> Well, aside from the numbering debate, I'd still like to know what the magic
> combination is to install gnome on my Redhat 5.2 system.  The installation
> documentation is wrong, and most of the RPM's are incompatible with each
> other.  Should I just wait for version 1.01 (I never install a 1.0
> anything).

For most people I've talked to, you follow the installation instructions,
and it works.  There are always exceptions, but there is no "magic
combination" to get them up and running.

Why don't you send:
  * which RPMs you are using (the ones from the 5.2 CD, the FTP site?),
  * the exact commands you are trying, and
  * the exact error messages they give you 
to the list, and we can see how to help you.

If you wait until 1.01, the process will probably be smoother and/or
better documented, but then you don't get to use GNOME between now and
then, and we don't get your help smoothing out the process :-).

Best of Luck,

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