Re: gdm broken?

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Clausen <> writes:

Andrew> On my machine, the call to gdm_slave_windows_kill() results in
Andrew> the gdm slave killing itself, and the login doesn't go
Andrew> anywhere...

Andrew> Interestingly enough, I have DEBUG = 1, but there is no log of
Andrew> "killing child %ld".

Make sure your syslogd is configured to log debug events. The Red Hat
default one doesn't, I think...

Andrew> If I comment out XKillClient, it behaves differently to
Andrew> commenting out gdm_slave_windows_kill().  It works if I
Andrew> comment out the latter, but with the former, I must manually
Andrew> kill the window manager, and then it logs in nicely.
Andrew> (Bazaar!)

The Xlib builtin error handlers default to exit(1) causing the
behavior you describe here.

My current tree has workarounds but it breaks a few other things. I
hope to check the fixed version in tonight. I expect to make a 0.7
release within the next couple of days.

Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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