Re: Newbie nonsense

Well, aside from the numbering debate, I'd still like to know what the magic
combination is to install gnome on my Redhat 5.2 system.  The installation
documentation is wrong, and most of the RPM's are incompatible with each
other.  Should I just wait for version 1.01 (I never install a 1.0


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>On Sat, 2 Jan 1999 wrote:
>> You folks have SERIOUS number problems!
>I think that you just don't understand the numbering scheme.
>> While gtk is good, the mess
>> between gtk 1.0 and 1.1 is annoying. It looks to me as if 1.1 is so
>> incompatible it should have been 2.0, instead.
>No, 2.0 will have seriously improved functionality, not just incremental
>improvements with different interfaces.  (RtL support, Unicode
>support, theme-based widget rearrangement, these are the big ones
>I've heard of which might be 2.0 fodder.)  Think "epoch.major.minor",
>not "major.minor.noise".  For a similar example, take a look at the
>differences between perl 5.004 and 5.005; we're not anywhere close to
>that bad.
>> It's also rather gutsy
>> coming out with GNOME 0.99, straight from 0.3. It's good software, but
>> the install is AWFULLY rocky, and you skipped 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9, more
>> usual stopping places on the route to a BIG piece of software like this.
>This isn't FreeBSD; the absence of 0.5 doesn't mean that we did not
>get halfway.  If you like, think of 0.30 as 0.9 in FreeBSD-speak and
>0.99 as the pre 1.0 bug fix release.  Just because you don't grok the
>numbering scheme doesn't mean that things are broken -- numbering is
>completely arbitrary, so one should gague progress by the actual code
>and by what the developers say.
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