Re: Several gnome-libs bugs (I think)

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:
> Yea, I read the source in gnome-dialog.c, and then called
> gnome_preferences_set_dialog_centered( TRUE) before the
> gnome_dialog_set_parent call, but it had no effect. I then copied the
> window centering code from gnome_dialog_set_parent into my app (since I
> _do_ know how big the dialog will be), and explicitly tried to center
> the window myself -- but unfortunatly, the parent window thinks its size
> is 1x1, so centering it there doesn't help much. Chances are that the
> set_parent code is working fine, and the real problem here is that the
> window has the wrong idea about its size.

Sounds like you're right - that would be a Gtk bug then. Probably should
go to gtk-list.

(I hope you're just calling the set_preferences for debugging purposes,
otherwise that could annoy users. :-) 

> I'm not sure I follow you here.  I agree it is likely a Gtk
> bug, but I don't understand what you are suggesting.  Do you
> mean call something like gtk_widget_show_all(mainWindow) after
> I add any new widgets to the window?  I currently call that
> after first setting up the main window, and then I later add 
> in several more windows into the main window (this is due to
> the structure of nethack and can't be easily changed).  Showing
> the window, and then later adding in more widgets seems to be
> at the heart of the problem.  

Well I was suggesting that you don't show the window until you add all the
widgets, but if that's hard to do... I'd try something like manually
calling gtk_widget_queue_resize() when you add new widgets. That has
worked for me in the past.


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