Re: Several gnome-libs bugs (I think)

Quoting Havoc Pennington <>:
> On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > manager ;-). gnome_dialog_set_parent is also supposed to center the
> > dialog over the parent window, but it doesn't seem to do this at all.
> It depends on user settings in ui-properties, and on the window manager.
> I don't think it does the centering by default.

Yea, I read the source in gnome-dialog.c, and then called
gnome_preferences_set_dialog_centered( TRUE) before the
gnome_dialog_set_parent call, but it had no effect. I then copied the
window centering code from gnome_dialog_set_parent into my app (since I
_do_ know how big the dialog will be), and explicitly tried to center
the window myself -- but unfortunatly, the parent window thinks its size
is 1x1, so centering it there doesn't help much. Chances are that the
set_parent code is working fine, and the real problem here is that the
window has the wrong idea about its size.

> > 2) The GnomeHack main window starts off not displaying anything but a
> > single (misplaced) scrollbar (probably part of the message window). 
> Maybe you add something after you've already shown the main window? (This
> is probably a Gtk bug anyway, but as a workaround...)
> Havoc

I'm not sure I follow you here.  I agree it is likely a Gtk
bug, but I don't understand what you are suggesting.  Do you
mean call something like gtk_widget_show_all(mainWindow) after
I add any new widgets to the window?  I currently call that
after first setting up the main window, and then I later add 
in several more windows into the main window (this is due to
the structure of nethack and can't be easily changed).  Showing
the window, and then later adding in more widgets seems to be
at the heart of the problem.  


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