Re: gnome-utils on HPUX - compile issues

Bert Driehuis wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Dan Newcombe wrote:
> > On hpux 10.20, two parts of gnome-utils had issues: ghex and gdialog
> >
> > On gdialog, _ACS_COMPAT_CODE needs to be defined before including
> > curses.h, otherwise it can't find a bunch of stuff in linking.
> >
> > On ghex, it includes getopt.  On HPUX, there is not getopt.h, however, the
> > code compiled just fine by removing the include getopt.h in ghex/main.c
> > and ghex/gnome-support.h
> I didn't touch the gdialog thing, but the attached diff will get ghex
> going on BSD/OS whilst probably fixing HP-UX as well. It adds autoconf
> detection of getopt.h's existance.

forget it, ghex doesn't really need getopt.h.
I think this was fixed by Miguel in the CVS already!


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