Several gnome-libs bugs (I think)

As I am working on Gnomehack, I have noticed the following strange things:

1) I use gnome_dialog_set_parent in
nethack/win/gnome/GnomeHackPlayerSelDialog.c and other places to set
the dialog's parent. I do this to ensure that the dialog always stays
on top of its parent window (I like having auto-raise in my window
manager ;-). gnome_dialog_set_parent is also supposed to center the
dialog over the parent window, but it doesn't seem to do this at all.
It seems to always position the dialog at 0,0 relative to the parent
window. Caling gdk_window_get_size( GTK_WIDGET(parent)->window, &w,
&h) where parent was created using gnome_app_new() returns a root
window size of 1x1, despite the fact that I have earlier called
gtk_widget_set_usize(GTK_WIDGET(parent), 800, 600), and the window is
obviously 800x600. Any ideas?

2) The GnomeHack main window starts off not displaying anything but a
single (misplaced) scrollbar (probably part of the message window). By
grabbing a corner of the main window, and re-sizing it in the slightest,
everything magically moves to the correct position. I have no idea what
the problem is, but I don't think it is my code, because everything does
move to the right spot when prodded. It used to work correctly a week or
so ago. Any ideas?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I recompiled all the gnome stuff
this morning from CVS.


Erik B. Andersen   Web: 
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