Re: Several gnome-libs bugs (I think)

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:
> manager ;-). gnome_dialog_set_parent is also supposed to center the
> dialog over the parent window, but it doesn't seem to do this at all.

It depends on user settings in ui-properties, and on the window manager.
I don't think it does the centering by default.

(It doesn't actually do centering anyway, because there's no way to know
how big the dialog is before it's on the screen - it just sort of assumes
the dialog is around 1/2 the size of the main window and "centers" based
on that.)

There's room for improvement here, but it's more a sucky feature than a
bug I think. 

> 2) The GnomeHack main window starts off not displaying anything but a
> single (misplaced) scrollbar (probably part of the message window). By
> grabbing a corner of the main window, and re-sizing it in the slightest,
> everything magically moves to the correct position. I have no idea what
> the problem is, but I don't think it is my code, because everything does
> move to the right spot when prodded. It used to work correctly a week or
> so ago. Any ideas?

Maybe you add something after you've already shown the main window? (This
is probably a Gtk bug anyway, but as a workaround...)


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