Esd and network

Raster: thanks for the awnser on the esd subject and I love to hear that
what I was thinking was been done already. Could you release your chatting

Another suggestion: 

So that network playing of all kinds of audio becomes real transparent why
not make it possible to do an esd config option that would open a  "false"
esd listening on the normal port. This way all the apps using esd would
behave exactly the same but esd would transparently route all the trafic
to another esd on the other machine. This way we wouldn't need to do any
changes to apps to make it play audio in another machine.

I don't know if you noticed but this suggestion is just useful because I
would need to do anything to get my desired effect.

I'm just lazzy that's all. 

By the way..

If I wanted to play a cd into my pc's esd wich program should I use. Is
there any program that uses esd to play cd's? gtcd?

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