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On  2 Jan, Pedro Corte-Real scribbled:
->  Raster: thanks for the awnser on the esd subject and I love to hear that
->  what I was thinking was been done already. Could you release your chatting
->  scripts?

# esd_call -open | -priv |
# starts recording sound form the audiodevice here via the local esd and
# contacts the server there has to be a group set up there
# with all "friends" in it and correct setup of public acess for friends
# to the ~/.esd_auth file of the user logged in if they are a friend.
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
  echo "Usage:"
  echo "$0 -open | -priv |"
  echo ""
  echo "-open                opens you up to allow friends to call."
  echo "-priv                closes you up so friends can't call you."
  echo "      specify the machine name to send audio to"
  echo ""
  echo "NB: the user logged into the other machine needs to be running esd"
  echo "and /home/friends be a dummy user in the group of friends who can"
  echo "contact you via esd (to stop annoying people from bugging you)."
  echo ""
  echo "~friends/.esd_auth must point to the real esd users ~/.esd_auth"
  echo "and it must be group readable."
  if [ $1 = "-priv" ]; then
    chown $USER.friends ~/.esd_auth
    chmod g-r ~/.esd_auth
    if [ $1 = "-open" ]; then
      chown $USER.friends ~/.esd_auth
      chmod g+r ~/.esd_auth
# NB - not perfect - bad hack - but works.
      mv ~/.esd_auth ~/.esd_auth.bak
      scp $1:/home/freinds/.esd_auth ~/
      esdrec -b -m -r 8192 | esdcat -s $1 -b -m -r 8192
      rm ~/.esd_auth
      mv ~/.esd_auth.bak ~/.esd_auth

->  Another suggestion: 
->  So that network playing of all kinds of audio becomes real transparent why
->  not make it possible to do an esd config option that would open a  "false"
->  esd listening on the normal port. This way all the apps using esd would
->  behave exactly the same but esd would transparently route all the trafic
->  to another esd on the other machine. This way we wouldn't need to do any
->  changes to apps to make it play audio in another machine.

much simpler
export ESPEAKER=""

:) just like X's DISPLAY variable.

You'd be surprised what esd can do :)

->  I don't know if you noticed but this suggestion is just useful because I
->  would need to do anything to get my desired effect.
->  I'm just lazzy that's all. 
->  By the way..
->  If I wanted to play a cd into my pc's esd wich program should I use. Is
->  there any program that uses esd to play cd's? gtcd?

you either have to sample the audio device which you set to record on
the CD
set mixer to CDis the input recording decive
play cd

esdrec | esdcat -s

you will record the cd audio
another option is to use cd data dump utilities like cdda2wav or

mkfifo /tmp/fifo
esdcat -s < /tmp/fifo &
cdparanoia $@ /tmp/fifo


that will play the cd audio at perfect quality THROUGH esd like it was
an mp3 or something.

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