Re: GNOME development in C++

Russell Steinthal wrote:
> All:
> I referred to this as an aside in an earlier message, but I guess it
> got lost in the shuffle... Anyway, my question is, has anyone done
> any GNOME work in C++ yet?  Is gtk-- a usable library?  (I've never
> done any substantial work with either it or plain-old GTK, although
> I've worked through the GTK tutorial).
> (BTW, if it's not clear, I don't mean hacking on gnome-libs or any
> existing C applications; obviously, those are best done in C.  I
> would, however, prefer to use C++ for a new GNOME app if possible...)
> Comments, suggestions, or pointers to code would be greatly
> appreciated.
> -Russell
> PS: I wasn't sure if this were best asked on gnome-list or
> gnome-devel- what's the charter for gnome-devel, anyway?

I am using C++ and the STL with GTK+ and GNOME, and not GTK--.

Basically, I create SINGLETON objects, and install static member functions as
callbacks, passing "this" into them as callback data.

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