Re: [BUGS] GMC Bugs and Wishes.

>     1.  The Trashcan somehow looks very bland, and "square" to me.  Ok,
> so it's just aesthetics, but I personally think that this is quite drab
> and boring.

You must be running a very old gmc.

because the current one has no support for trashcan, we have that on
a separate CVS branch.

>     2.  Clicking on the transparent portions of an icon fails to perform
> a selection.  Try clickin on the various transparent parts of the RPM
> icon to see what I mean.  :)

I noticed that.  It wont get fixed anytime soon though :-).

The fix is really to make some parts non-transparent, but then, we
will suck when the user changes the background.

>     3.  It would be nice if there were more options available when right
> clicking on the background panel on the right of GMC.  For example, a
> new folder button would be a good start.  :)  It would also be nice of
> there were a button to do this on the taskbar.

Good idea.

>     5.  On FTP filesystems such as the
> directories are not browsable.  Double-clicking on one of the
> directories results in nothing better than an error dialog appearing on
> the screen.

Strange it works for me.

>     6.  It would be nice if you could right click on the directories in
> the left pane and perform the usual  rename, copy, and move functions
> from there.

Added to the TODO list. 


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