Re: gFTP rocks!

Since forever I have been trying to figure out how to manually use an
ftp proxy.  What is Netscape's secret?  I think I must have read every
piece of information about ftp, tftp, etc. on my RedHat system but I
just can't crack it.

My point?  This would be a nice capability to add to gFTP for the 
benefit of the firewall (and man-page) challenged.

As always, my eternal apologies if the capability is already there and
I didn't find it.  BTW, gFTP (0.99.8) has no Help menu.


>>>>> On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:48:12 +0000 (GMT), you said:
  CE> [1  <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>]

  CE> Hi,

  CE> Nice one in including gFTP in the 0.99.8 release - it's a great program.
  CE> Now if only it wouldn't intermittently segfault ;-)

  CE> Chris

  CE> PS. Will balsa be part of GNOME 1.0?

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