Re: gFTP rocks!

Me bad!  Moments later I found the grayed out "Connect throught FTP
proxy server" toggle in the Connection Manager so apparently this is
in the works.  I couldn't find how to enable the toggle nor where to
name the proxy so I'll assume this is currently incomplete.

Are proxy server names for ftp, html, etc. going to be stored in a
central location so that other GNOME applications can share this info
or is this going to be set on an application by application basis?

Oh, and by the way, it does seem to rock!


>>>>> On 22 Feb 1999 00:00:43 -0500, you said:
  GO> Since forever I have been trying to figure out how to manually use an
  GO> ftp proxy.  What is Netscape's secret?  I think I must have read every
  GO> piece of information about ftp, tftp, etc. on my RedHat system but I
  GO> just can't crack it.

  GO> My point?  This would be a nice capability to add to gFTP for the 
  GO> benefit of the firewall (and man-page) challenged.

  GO> As always, my eternal apologies if the capability is already there and
  GO> I didn't find it.  BTW, gFTP (0.99.8) has no Help menu.

  GO> Gisli

>>>>> On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:48:12 +0000 (GMT), you said:
  CE> [1  <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>]

  CE> Hi,

  CE> Nice one in including gFTP in the 0.99.8 release - it's a great program.
  CE> Now if only it wouldn't intermittently segfault ;-)

  CE> Chris

  CE> PS. Will balsa be part of GNOME 1.0?

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