Hackers: Solaris help required for Gnome-terminal.

So I am very happy to see gnome-libs compile fine on Solaris now.

We have a pending bug report that I have not been able to figure out:
although libzvt/gnome-terminal are designed to be portable, for some
reason or other the terminal is not being properly initialized in

I need help debugging and fixing this problem.

Apparently when you run Gnome Terminal in Solaris the session is not
properly setup, could someone with Solaris and pty expertise look into 
this problem?

A small description on what the Gnome Terminal setup looks like:

	1. Gnome Terminal is just a GUI around the GNOME zvt library.
	2. The zvt library provides an xterm terminal emulator and some
	   helper routines to setup the pseudo terminal in a portable
	   and secure fashion.

	3. The zvt code in gnome-libs/zvt/subshell.c spawns a
	   privileged SUID process to setup the session (the
	   gnome-pty-helper program).   

	4. gnome-pty-helper program does the session setup: it includes
	   opening the master/client ptys, setting them up and
	   registering utmp/wtmp entries if required into the system.

	5. gnome-pty-helper uses file descriptor passing to pass the
	   openend and setup file descriptors to the zvt code.
	6. zvt code spawns a shell under one pty, and monitors the
	   other side of the pseudo terminal.

Apparentlyl step (4) is wrong for Solaris, but I have no clue on how
to fix this, I could use some help here.

best wishes,

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