Re: forwarded message from Richard Stallman

The message I posted earlier this week was a statement of a request
from the GNU Project, on an issue that's important for the project.  A
statement like is proper on any GNU mailing list, when there's a
reason for it.  I posted it here because it is a response to another
message that was also posted in this list.

I urge all of you to read,
which explains the real reason why we use the term GNU/Linux.  It may
surprise you.  Many people who object to the term, and even some who
defend it, seem to envision the wrong reasons; and it is very common
to have the wrong picture of how that system was developed.

If you read that page, and you still disagree with us, at least you
will disagree accurately.

If people would like to discuss the issue further, I recommend using
gnu.misc.discuss, which exists for such discussions.

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