Re: mass producing gnome environments

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Stan Brown wrote:
> 	I am setting up a Redhat 6.0 machine to be used by some novice users. I
> 	have created a gnome environment that I would like to give all of them
> 	as thier initial default (panel setup, desktop icons, etc.).
> 	What's the best way to mass produce this. I reall don;t wan't to have
> 	to do this interactively for each user.

I think if you copy ~/.gnome and ~/.gnome_private from the configured
machine to each user's machine it will work, or at least mostly work
(it's possible that some applications store hostname or username dependent
stuff in the config files, unfortunately...)

I'm working on a better solution called GConf, and I hope all
sysadmins-who-know-how-to-code will help me out so that it's as nice as
possible.:-)  'gconf' module in CVS


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