Re: Suggestion

Thank you to every ones who says me to configure procmail but ...:
Not everybody runs linux
Not everybody can be root on his machine
Not everybody has the mail server on his machine
Not everybody can configure the mail

Since 1985, I work on UNIX from quite every suppliers and seeing the reaction,
I think to what happens when I call
AIX support to have licence key with the licence manager on a sun. Usually
there is 10 seconds
silence, a 'what did you say...',  It is necessary to spend 15 minutes of
explanations, and after
2 or 3 tries (this means a week) to succeed to have the good licence sheet.

I receive all my message in ONE folder named 'inbox' like many others...
What is the problem to have twice the information 1 by the folder and 1 by
the subject ?
I have no one.

Nur der kleine Geist hält Ordnung, das Genie beherrscht das Chaos.
Seuls les petits esprits aiment l'ordre, le génie maitrîse le chaos.

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