Panel feature (wish)


there is a Panel feature that I'm frequently missing and I'd
like to ask if it has been implemented yet (since my Panel is
probably a little old, 1.0.4):
I run my Panel in auto-hide mode at the top of the screen, and
very often I "bump" the mouse pointer into the top edge on the
way to the close button of some window. This of course causes
the Panel to pop down, obstructing the said button so I have to
move the pointer back a little until the Panel disappears and
then carefully navigate to the close button again. Annyoing.
There is already an "Auto-hide minimize delay" option, but what's
missing is an "Auto-hide showup delay" or so. Does this feature
already exist or can it be implemented ?
I tried to update my gnome-core RPM from Gurulabs, but (as always)
the dependencies got in the way. Why do I need "redhat-logos" or
"Enlightenment" just to use Gnome ? And they seem to compile with
glibc 2.1 :(

Alexander Dietrich
| Alexander Dietrich | Norderstedt, Germany |
| e-mail:      |

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